#Post1 Lets get started!

Alright, This is my first ever write up that is going to be put up on the internet. To be frank, I did some google search to understand how my first blog post should be.. ha ha 😉 . Please forgive me in advance for all the blunders that I might come up with 😀 .

Let me tell you a little more about me. I am a bit traditional bit modern South Indian girl born and brought up in India. I did my schooling in a CBSE curriculum based school and then went on to complete my Bachelor’s in Engineering (Major: Electronics and Communication). After which, I got selected in a MNC and continues to work in the same company till date.

Born as the eldest among 3 children of my loving parents , I got married at the age of 25. God Gifted us with an angel in 2015 and that sums up my family 🙂

I love experimenting in the kitchen and thought it will be nice to jot down my successful recipes in one place so that it becomes a reference for me later.  Then, I thought, why not a blog? Let my recipes be open for the benefit of all. This blog is a place to pursue my passion.  A place where I can communicate to the outer world on my recipes/ cooking. All those of you who are on the same page as me, Please feel free to comment and talk to me …Are you there with me ? Thumbs up!!!

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