#Post6 #Recipe5 Ada Pradhaman

Ada Pradhaman is a type of sweet which is very special in the south Indian state of Kerala. It is usually served as a dessert during auspicious occasions. It is supposed to be really tough to make , but as you know I am pretty lazy :D. I always look at the easiest ways out. I used ready made ada. ( Ada is made by mixing rice flour with bran, ghee and sugar , rolling in plantain leaves and steaming, it sounds tough.. 😀 )



Note: My 1 cup is 240 grams/ml, 1 tablespoon -15 grams/ml, 1 teaspoon-5 grams/ ml and 1 kg  is 2.2 pounds.

Ada – 250 grams ( You can buy ready made ada in most of the Indian stores especially the Malayali owned ones)

Jaggery- 500 grams

Ghee – 3 tablespoons ( It is the Indian version of melted butter, again available in Indian store)

Dry ginger powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Cardamom powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Cashewnuts, raisins, coconut bits – a handful each for garnishing ( coconut bit is nothing but fresh whole fruit coconut broken and the white part is scooped out and cut into bits)

Thin coconut milk – 3 cups ( 1 cup is made by mixing a cup of luke warm water with 2 tablespoons coconut milk powder)

Thick coconut milk – 1 cup ( 1 cup is made by mixing a cup of luke warm water with 4 tablespoons of coconut milk powder)


1.Bring a vessel full of water to rolling boil , switch off the flame and add the ada to it. Keep it closed for 30 minutes. Then drain the water off using a colander and wash the ada in cold water 2-3 times to avoid stickiness. Keep this aside for 10 minutes.

Homemade ada will be soft since we are steaming and using it then itself. But the store brought ones are hard and has to be softened to make it like the homemade ones. That is what we are doing in step 1.

2. While the ada rests, add a cup of water to the jaggery and melt it over medium flame. Strain it to remove impurities.

3.Now take a heavy bottom pan, add 2 tablespoons of ghee and fry the coconut bits, cashew nuts and raisins separately and keep aside.

4.To the same left over ghee from frying in step 3, add ada and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add melted jaggery to this and keep stirring in between till it combines well and thickens . The water we added earlier to melt the jaggery should be almost gone.

5.Add thin coconut milk now and keep stirring in between till the mix thickens again.

6. Add the thick coconut milk, dry ginger powder, cardamom powder , ghee roasted coconut bits, ghee roasted cashew nuts and ghee roasted raisins. Give it a stir and switch off the flame. Ta da !!! Delicious ada pradhaman is ready 🙂 . Sprinkle one tablespoon of ghee on top and serve….

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