#Post14 #Recipe13 Khoya (Indian thickened milk)

Khoya is made of either dried whole milk or milk thickened by heating in an open heavy bottomed pan. I am following the second method here.


Note: My 1 cup is 240 grams/ml, 1 tablespoon -15 grams/ml, 1 teaspoon-5 grams/ ml and 1 kg  is 2.2 pounds.

Whole Milk – 1 liter (1000 ml) , It is very important to use WHOLE milk


1.Boil milk on medium flame .


2.Keep stirring in between , else the milk will get burnt at the bottom of the pan.

3.Make sure that you scrape the milk stuck to the sides of the pan and keep mixing with the milk.

4.Milk will evaporate and reduce in quantity gradually and finally comes to a semi solid state when you can switch off the flame and remove the pan from stove. It gets thicker after cooling.


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