#Post15 #Recipe14 Khoya Gulab Jamun

This is Gulab Jamun using Khoya and Paneer from Scratch. I am sure that you will never go back to instant Gulab Jamun if you try this recipe 😀


Note: My 1 cup is 240 grams/ml, 1 tablespoon -15 grams/ml, 1 teaspoon-5 grams/ ml and 1 kg  is 2.2 pounds.

Khoya – 1 cup  Recipe here #Post18 #Recipe13 Khoya (Indian thickened milk)

Paneer- 3/4 cup Recipe here #Post17 #Recipe12 Paneer ( Indian Cottage cheese)

Self raising all purpose flour – 3 tablespoons  ( Instead you may use 3 tablespoon all purpose flour and 1/4 teaspoon baking powder)

Rava or Semolina – 2 tablespoons

Cardamom powder- 1/4 teaspoon

Milk – 1 tablespoon or as required

Oil or Ghee- as required for deep frying the gulab jamun

Sugar Syrup- Recipe here #Post17 #Recipe15 Sugar syrup for Indian sweets


1.Mix all the ingredients except sugar syrup in a bowl. Make sure that you mix very well, but not knead. There should not be any lumps else it will remain as bite sized pieces in the gulab jamun and may not give smooth dough.

2.Make small balls out of the dough. If you find the dough to be too dry and not able to make balls, add little milk and mix again. Let the balls rest for 30 minutes.

3.Now, fry the balls in oil/ ghee (clarified Indian butter)  and drop them into the sugar syrup immediately.

4. Let the balls stay soaked in the sugar syrup for atleast 3-4 hours and cool down. Serve as is, warm or chilled depending on your taste buds!



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